As simple
as you can see

The ecommerce solution that we offer is as simple as you can see. The sample of the shopping platform con be seen at the address Allowing the product to speak for itself has emerged as a trend in high-performing companies. A product-oriented focus it’s useful for SaaS businesses that offer a free trial, as it will help convert satisfied users into paying customers, as well as generate strong word of mouth referrals. C6Store is the easier to use SAAS solution on the market.

Ready-to-use store
SAAS solution

In fact the ready-to-use store should be offered with a SAAS solution. SaaS, or software as a service, is a delivery model in which a centrally hosted software is licensed to customers via a subscription plan. Due to the ability to achieve higher flexibility and efficiency from both a technical and financial standpoint, companies are increasingly adopting SaaS solutions in operations and management. A customer-centric approach from SaaS providers will lead to higher customer success and ultimately, better retention rates.

Subscription plans

The subscription plans offered to customers can vary considerably with different subscription plans giving access to different services. We are considering 3 different plans : Free, Basic and Advanced The plans difference can be: the number of the total articles, the possibility to have a personalized logo on the shop, or to personalize colors and fonts and the level of services. The free version could have maximum 5 articles and non personalization of the logo and no personalization of the address to reach the shop. With the others plans there must be the possibility to personalize the store with the logo and with the address :
Free, Basic and Advanced

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